The Innovation Project

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the innovation project



Companies work with us when they want to lead innovation

Do you want to provoke creativity and EMBED innovation at the heart of your business?

Imagine if all it took to do this was a little conditioning. Would you do it?

We can help by providing the ideal environment, mindset and stimuli for you to generate remarkable new solutions to your biggest creative challenges.

Our action learning experiences last for 3-5 days and result in energised, cohesive and on-purpose teams.

We are specialists in creating the environment that ignites your team to come up with innovative ideas



disruption, perspective, co-creation, movement and knowing 



Our immersive methodology is unique

these 3-5 day action learning experiences are based on 5 key principles



Being out of reference from your normal patterns provokes new ways of thinking, behaving and learning.


Experiencing emerging trends, embodying consumers’ behavior and grasping the wider impact of your work provides unique perspectives that allow new associations to be made.


Building cohesive relationships where people debate ideas and build on each other’s work sparks innovative solutions.


An ever-changing mix of traveling, activity and stimulus activates the imagination and encourages creative problem solving.


Accessing our inner wisdom and allowing our body, mind and spirit to work together enables us to tap into our natural creativity.

With zero BS; you really changed us as a team. We came out with new ways to see invisible whitespace, our consumers and the future of our brand, as well as discovering new ways of working together that ensured our innovations kept moving long after we emerged from the creative vacuum.
— Global Product Manager - Multinational Company

associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and networking



The ability to think creatively can be learnt

Creative thought comes one-third from genetics and two-thirds from learning the following 5 skills

This not only nurtured the creativity of the team, but also completely changed their methods of communication with each other, which has transformed performance back in the office.
— EMEA Product Director - Multinational Sportswear Company


Successfully connecting seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas from different fields.


Constantly asking questions that challenge assumptions and  invite constraint.


Scrutinising common phenomena, particularly around the behavior of potential customers, in order to gain insights about new ways of doing things.


Constantly trying out new ideas, celebrating failure and harvesting the learning.


Finding and testing ideas through a network of diverse individuals.


At the end of this experience your team will have acquired and applied these innovation skills to generate remarkable, actionable new ideas that will invigorate your business. 


sculpt, Have fun, simplify, work and love



you have a natural power to create and innovate

We help you to access this using our 5 maxims


Be a sculptor

Envision the future and bring it to life now

Let's play

Creativity requires inspiration and this comes from doing the things we love

get going

Clarify, simplify and take action

Do the work

Be bold and deliver exceptional results

Spread the Love

Yes love. For yourself, your work, your fellow human beings and the planet


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